Microphone Windscreen/Grille

To make this type of grille, simply shape a piece of wood after the style you would like. Fold a piece of brass mesh over it pressing it into shape with your fingers and a small hammer. Trim the sides until it makes a seam on both sides and solder the seams

Repeat this again with a finer grade mesh and slip it inside the first.

Cut 2 long thin strips of brass. Make them half round with a file. Smooth them with emery cloth. Bend one around the body of the mike and cut so that the ends meet. Silver solder this joint to make a ring.

Bend the other piece over the top of your wooden mould to form the arched piece. Cut this piece to the proper length. Solder the ends of the arch to the ring in a neat looking joint.

Cut the grille to the proper length. Slip them inside the frame formed by the other pieces. Solder the grilles to the frame. Clean the whole mess up . Voila! It's a very stable grille.

The bottom of the mic is done by bevelling the edge of the bottom piece and the end of the body while leaving a small tooth for proper alignment.

Pictures of my power supply. The power supply housing was formed from two sheets of aluminum.

My silicone shock mount. I used a very crude mould made from plaster for the shock mount and found that if you need to manipulate silicon use dish washing detergent.

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